Our program includes helpful lifestyle tips directly from Dr. Brett Osborn. DrOsborn is world renown, Board-Certified Neurosurgeon specializing in Anti Aging, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT and Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Osborn is the author of GET SERIOUS, a power packed book about optimizing health and fitness. Dr. Osborn is also the founder of an anti-aging practice in Jupiter, Florida.

Effective Workout

We are a unique fitness company that is purely based on the theory that our twenty-minute workout twice a week will deliver superior results. Our mission is to give back to people the two things they value most, time and health. Unlike the traditional gyms, 2×20 Fitness members will have access to the results once their workout is complete by using our app. These results include the duration of their workout, the amount of weight they pushed and their progress to date.

Meet our Members


The Warm up with Bob Gajda & Carson Smith

5 Thinks to Know About Keto- Dr. Brett Osborn

The Workout with Tom Meredith

Will a Cheat Day Ruin Your Keto Diet?-Dr. Brett Osborn


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Monthly   $48/month (For 12 months)

Annual   $500/year ($76 savings)

* Memberships include 12 In-Body Scale Tests. ($120 Savings)




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